How To Earn LATAM Airlines Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum, Black and Black Signature Elite Status

Your LATAM Airlines credit card may be able to help give you a head start, too
December 31, 2022

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Benefits of LATAM Pass elite status

LATAM Airlines offers frequent flyers an opportunity to qualify for special benefits each time they fly, as part of the carrier’s LATAM Pass elite program.

For passengers traveling on eligible tickets, LATAM Pass elite benefits have the potential to save you a considerable amount with each trip in various travel upgrades and more. Select tiers include perks like free seat selection, an additional baggage allowance, same-day flight changes and access to the airport lounge. You can learn more about the benefits of LATAM Pass elite status right here.

Cardholders can earn up to 4 miles per dollar on LATAM Airlines flight purchases. (Photo by Zach Honig/Cardless)

Earning LATAM Pass elite status

Frequent flyers can earn LATAM Pass elite status based on their travels between January 1 and December 31 of each calendar year. As of the publication date at the top of this article, the base elite tier, Gold, requires either 15,000 Qualifying Points or 20 Qualifying Segments, while the most exclusive tier, Black Signature, requires either 160,000 Qualifying Points or 120 Qualifying Segments. See LATAM Airlines website for the most up-to-date requirements.

In most cases, you can combine Qualifying Points earned from flying with those you’ll accrue as you spend with your LATAM Airlines credit card, making it easier to earn elite status or reach a higher tier. As you spend with your LATAM Airlines credit card, you’ll earn both LATAM Pass miles you can redeem for flights and Qualifying Points to help you get closer to elite status. See this article to learn more about how LATAM Airlines Qualifying Points work and how your credit card can help you earn them.

Note that credit card purchases cannot be used to qualify for Black Signature, which requires either 120 Qualifying Segments or 160,000 Qualifying Points earned on LATAM Airlines-operated flights. With the exception of Black Signature, your LATAM Airlines credit card can help you earn LATAM Pass elite status more quickly.

For example, a LATAM Pass member with a LATAM Airlines credit card can qualify for Gold Plus status by earning 35 Qualifying Segments or 30,000 Qualifying Points. At least 24,000 of those points need to come from flights purchased directly from LATAM Airlines, and operated by the airline or select partners, but up to 6,000 can be earned as you spend with a LATAM Airlines credit card.

Qualifying Points earned through credit card purchases accrue at a different rate than redeemable LATAM Pass Miles, and limits apply. Learn more about how to earn Qualifying Points with your credit card right here.

Alternatively, you can reach a LATAM Pass elite tier by earning the required number of Qualifying Segments, as outlined on LATAM Airlines website.

Earning Qualifying Points with your credit card

Below, you can see how to qualify for each LATAM Pass elite level, along with the number of credit card Qualifying Points that may count toward achieving each tier.

Elite TierQualifying PointsQualifying SegmentsMaximum Card Points*
Gold Plus30,000356,000
Black Signature160,000120N/A

Information current as of 12/31/22. Visit LATAM Airlines website for the most current list. *Maximum Card Points represent the maximum number of Qualifying Points earned from credit card purchases that may be used to help reach the corresponding elite level. **LATAM Airlines Mastercard customers can earn a maximum of 7,000 Qualifying Points from card purchases each calendar year, while LATAM Airlines World Elite Mastercard customers can earn a maximum of 9,000 Qualifying Points from card purchases each calendar year. Tier limits also apply.

Once you qualify for an elite tier, you’ll be able to access your LATAM Pass elite benefits through the expiration date listed on your LATAM Pass account. Your LATAM Airlines credit card benefits will remain in effect for as long as you maintain your credit card account in good standing.

Click here to learn more about the LATAM Airlines Mastercard and LATAM Airlines World Elite Mastercard, including rewards, card benefits and more.

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